The Woods Design Co. is a full service design company located in the GREAT NORTH WOODS of Northern NH.

Founded in 2017 by artist and designer Zach Johnsen, The Woods occupies a unique place both geographically and philosophically. Northern NH is known more for it's dense swathes of woodland, peaceful lakes, and solitude than for it's artistic and cultural relevancy. But it is exactly this quiet and beautiful setting that lured Zach away from the conveniences of city life and back to the place of his birth. It is here, amongst stands of fir, poplar, yellow and silver birch that The Woods Design Co. took shape. Drawing upon Zach's roots in NH and his work experience in major cities like Boston, New York and Portland, Oregon, The Woods brings a wealth of art and technical design knowledge but in a "hometown" package.

The Woods leans heavily on old fashioned hand made graphic design and the application of design outside of the computer and into real life space. We are focusing on small and mid size clients who we can work directly with on projects ranging from logo design, branding and marketing to t-shirt and apparel design to sign making, mural painting and building projects. Our mission is to provide the best in design and design application while imbuing everything we do with a sense of adventure and wildness.  At The Woods, we live and breath the "outside". We traded the bustle of the city for the quiet of the country and it reflects in the work we take on and the care we take with every job. Give us a call. We will come out of the Woods to meet you.

Phone: 971-269-8115